Day 002 6th. Feb 2010 on the seas

Weather looking good. Pale blue skies with cotton-wool clouds passing by. The occasional white crested wave breaks the monotonous deep blue of the ocean. This morning we passed by the Island of Haiti but not close enough to witness any activity. The cruise so far has been through calm waters, a gentle warm breeze adding to the pleasantness of this oceanic wonder.
Have a well utilised gym with two spunky instructors giving advice on which potent will reduce the cellulite, or another one which if used in addition to scrubbing oneself with a cactus hair brush, and when added to your spa bath will rid the body of toxins.The final treatment was to add 4 drops of another magic lotion to the areas and whammo the fat and toxins will go in 3 to 6 months. Fat chance!  $61 per bottle which only lasts for three months. I considered it an insult to treat my well preserved fat in such a manner.
Off to breakfast.
Waffles, pancakes, fruit jelly and whipped cream: what more could a body crave for? So many are still eating breakfast at 11am when lunch begins at 11.30am. These cruises are eating safaris.
There are three main restaurants: The Pinnacle where there is a surcharge, the fancy Rotterdam Lounge and the buffet style ever open Lido.
We have dined in the Rotterdam for all dinners and at night it is a wonderland. The ceiling is awash with light from over 700 shaded lights, around this centre piece is an area of twinkling stars set into a deep blue heaven. The tables are set with starched white linen decorated with Rosenthal china and fine silver-ware all adding to the understated elegance of the Maasdam. All arm chairs covered, all tables decorated with real live orchids.
Choices aplenty on the menu. I am finding it difficult to make a choice as everything appeals. Each course is served by a very friendly waiter attired in his dark blue and burgundy uniform, a little gold braid adding a touch of importance. Most of the wait staff are from Indonesia, a country renown for hospitality. Service is impeccable. Iced water poured from a silver pitcher into fine tall stemmed glasses. It is possible to make reservations for meals but we haven’t yet and have had to wait only a few minutes on a couple of occasions. One can request a table for two, but sitting with a group of unknowns adds to the adventure.
Alaskan crab claws on a bed of mesculan served with a mariners sauce followed by lobster thermidor with fresh vegetables of asparagus, carrots and bok choy stems. Very tasty. Oh! this was followed by pavlova topped with boozy black cherries and cuppochino.  
There are two sittings for dinner but one can dine on open seating anytime from 5.15 – 9pm. and I am sure some folk do eat for the entire time judging by their body size.
The Lido restaurant is less formal and is a buffet style food extravaganza. It seems to be open 24hours ( well almost) with patronage the entire time. We usually eat breakfast and lunch here as it is quick and easy and you can portion control. Lunch always has fresh smoked salmon which I cant pass up and a very good mix of salads. Strawberries the size of golf balls are another must-have. One can enjoy the deck around the pool area to sit and eat instead of the slightly more formal interior but the humidity is increasing every day. Also on deck 11 is the grill bar serving lunch of pizza, hamburgers and then a special of the day. This had ranged from burritos, taco, Indonesian curry and today a Caribbean theme.

Going to get some culture today. In the library a group of ladies from different states have formed a jigsaw group. I joined and to my amazement enjoyed the company as well as the puzzles. It has been at least 50years since I have touched a puzzle. I am showing my age!

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