The Trans-Siberian

This brilliant photographic journey captures the adventure and romance of the Trans-Siberian railway journey from vibrant Beijing to fabled St. Petersburg.

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See and experience China’s Imperial City, the palaces and gardens of Beijing, explore the snow covered Great Wall and Forbidden City then travel beyond the Great Wall across the fringes of the snow-covered Gobi to the grasslands that reach to the nursery of the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan, those long-range plunderers who conquered half the known world; Mongolia, the very heart of Asia.

Yaks and camels roam in a pristine wilderness of vast desert, steppe and mountain and the paradox of Ulaanbaatar where car and horse, high-rise apartment and traditional ‘Ger’ co-exist in the world’s most remote capital city.

Onward to Siberia, where timber cottages laced with wooden fretwork grace local villages and the boulevards of the historic city of Irkutsk and magnificent Lake Baikal.

Located near the Mongolian border, and surrounded by mountains, forests and wild rivers, Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of physical beauty.

The great Trans-Siberian Railway, unrivalled for sheer magnitude, continues over great rivers, and the unending wheat belt to the Ural Mountains and beyond to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia’s two most exciting cities.

Explore Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin then north to the magnificent 18th century buildings and palaces of St. Petersburg. A fantastic adventure across Asia in winter, aboard the world’s greatest railway!

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