The Silk Road

A brilliant introduction to the heart of Central Asia. Ancient civilizations, awe inspiring landscapes and intricate architecture.

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Journey from the great East Gate of Xian with the old city walls, towers, pagodas and incredible Terracotta Army, along the network of commercial arteries linking China with Central Asia through the oases of the Taklamakan Desert to the once forbidden frontiers of the Tien Shan Mountains to the fabled city of ‘golden’ Samarkand, Tamerlane’s turquoise-spangled capital.

Central Asia’s most spectacular architectural ensemble; the Registan, plus other highlights including the Shah-i-Zinda complex, Bibi Khanym Mosque and the Ulug Bek Observatory are shown in their glory.

Great cities so evocative of the ancient Silk Road emerge in particular Samarkand and Bukhara, the magnificent citadels of architectural splendor, seats of learning and states of considerable power.

This photographic journey to the ancient Silk Road cities and oases of Tashkent, Samarakand and Bukhara, the markets and bazaars of the Grape Valley. Mosques and madrasas, markets and minarets and the old covered bazaars filled with colourful carpets where traders still offer their wares show little has changed in 2000 years.

Follow in the footsteps of Babur, great grandson of Tamerlane, last of the Timurid Dynasty of Central Asia and founder of the Moghul Empire. Travel through the diverse scenery and cultures of four countries, across mountain ranges, remote valleys and great deserts. Discover the history and culture, colour and bustle of modern Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on this brilliant journey along some of the least travelled sections of the Silk Road.

From Tashkent cross the Volga and grasslands and continue across the Kazak Steppe through cotton crops and desert through meadow and forest, past farms and the gilded copulas of village churches as the sun rises and sets.

Moscow will amaze you. Its palaces and public buildings restored to their former glory, the echoing vastness of Red Square, the splendid twirled cupolas of St.Basil’s across the cobblestones and the Kremlin itself – that fabled palace-fort of gilded domes.

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